Tim Stockdale sponsorship



New ambassadors for EquiSal Tapeworm testing: Tim Stockdale and Joseph Stockdale

Showjumper Tim Stockdale is the new ambassador forImage_for_9_bob EquiSal Tapeworm testing and we are also sponsoring Joseph Stockdale, up and coming young rider, who will wear the EquiSal Tapeworm logo when competing!













The revolutionary saliva test, which diagnoses tapeworm burdens in horses, is used to enable targeted worming strategies to be utilised for controlling tapeworm infections.


Tim commented, “It’s fabulous to be working withImage_for_9_Tim Austin Davis Biologics.  I take my horses’ welfare very seriously and this professional scientific approach to diagnosing worm burdens is the way forward.  For me, using Equisal Tapeworm makes total sense. Healthy horses make winners.”









Company director, Dr Corrine Austin, added “We are very fortunate to have Tim Stockdale endorsing the EquiSal Tapeworm test. Tim represents high standards and judgement, and clearly invests in the best for his horses. We are very excited to be involved with the show jumping careers of both Tim and Joseph.”