Supported Riders' Blog

Supported Riders' Blog

11 July: WOW!!! Team EquiSal's Ellie Cowlard and Grapefruit Moon had an amazing weekend in the Riding Club Dressage Qualifier at Princethorpe! They came 2nd in the Novice and 1st in the Rider test with 97.27%!!! What a remarkable score.



10 July: Team EquiSal's Joseph Stockdale and Gunner at Wierden Youth Festival this weekend. This looks a huge jump and Gunner is giving it plenty of clearance too!!



22 June: Great news! Team EquiSal's endurance rider Karen Corr and Squiggle have been selected for the Inter-Regional Endurance Championships in July as part of the NW Team. They will be competing in the 2-day 80km class! Looking forward to hearing how they get on!



11 May: Team EquiSal's endurance rider Karen Corr has been out competing on Squiggle who was awarded a grade 2 on her last outing! Photos courtesy of Indiepics.



4 May: Ellie Cowlard and Moon came 7th at Bury Farm Dressage Championships on Sunday. Very professional looking pair.



2 May: Fantastic news for our supported rider, Joseph Stockdale and Gunner II who have been picked for their first junior Nations Cup team in Belgium! Beautiful round - huge fences!!



24 April: Some fantastic news for Team EquiSal's Ellie Cowlard and Grapefruit Moon..."shines bright to receive March’s NAF Shining Star Award".



20 April: Michelle and Pickles on their XC phase of one day event last weekend! Flying!



16 April: Endurance rider for Team EquiSal, Karen Corr, has been working hard on fitness with Lottie - here she is training in water at the beach and Lottie has also been doing water treadmill sessions!



16 April: Ellie Cowlard and Moon qualified for the Trailblazer final, coming 1st with a dressage score of 71.3 this weekend!



29 March: Supported rider Karen Corr's endurance season is off to a flying start! 20km completed at 12kph! Go Lottie and Squiggle!



27 March: Competition update! Ellie Cowlard and Moon - 2nd in the British Riding Club Festival of the Horse qualifier yesterday!



20 March: Ellie and Moon have qualified for the Dengie area 12 in dressage and showjumping this weekend.



























13 March: Karen Corr and Lottie take first place in the dressage Winter League at their local venue at Intro level!




13 March: Two very proud members of Team EquiSal this weekend! Ellie Cowlard came 2nd in the Riding Club Intermediate Dressage qualifier with Grapefruit Moon and Michelle Billington and Pickles came 8th at the Oasby Horse Trials!! Amazing achievements!














27 February: A great eventing season start for Pickles and Michelle at Osberton EMDG ODE.



26 February: Some cross country training for Pickles and Michelle Billington! The eventing season is nearly here and we are looking forward to seeing this pair competing this year!















26 February: Rebecca Kilby and Lexie have been out and about preparing for the competition season after some time off for injury. A fabulous clear round for first time out for a while. Well done Lexie!



19 February 2017: Team EquiSal's Ellie Cowlard and Grapefruit Moon had three perfect clear rounds at BRC Intermediate Winter Show Jumping Qualifiers to come second, just 0.6 seconds off coming 1st. Well done!



11 February 2017:  Michelle Billington and Pickles have been out competing in dressage competitions, preparing for this year's eventing. A first and two seconds! Go Team EquiSal!!


















8 January 2017: Team EquiSal are off to a flying start in 2017. Ellie Cowlard and Moon were placed third in the Hagarin Hay Steamers 95cm show jumping at the weekend and have qualified for Blue Chip in April!



13 December 2016: Team EquiSal, Rebecca Kilby and Lexie competed in their first dressage competition for a while due to injury, bringing home a first rosette!














13 December 2016: Team EquiSal was out competing again last weekend! A win for Ellie Cowlard on Grapefruit Moon in Arena Eventing. Well done Ellie!























5 December 2016: A dressage win for EquiSal's endurance competitors Karen Corr and Lottie this weekend.

























Bournefield_Alibro_prelim29 November 2016: Two wins for supported rider, Megan Rees and Bournefield Alibro in British Dressage Prelim 17 & 19 at Sparsholt!











Flying_Romeo21 November 2016: Joseph Stockdale and Romeo flying the flag for EquiSal in France this weekend. Romeo is giving those fences plenty of room!










20 November 2016: This is Megan Rees on Bournefield Alibro, 4 yr Bournefield_Alibroold, out competing at winter dressage this weekend. Huge classes so he did very well with a 3rd & 6th!













14 November 2016: Competition update from Ellie and Moon: this weekend they came second in the British Dressage Combined training class, qualifying for the finals!

Ellie_and_Moon_A_c Ellie_and_Moon