USA Retail Information

USA Retail Information





The EquiSal Tapeworm test is available to purchase in the United States through our American providers.

A saliva collection kit is used to take your horse’s saliva sample (see here) which is placed into a tube containing preservative solution that keeps samples stable for at least 3 weeks at room temperature. This will be returned to a central collection point within the US - Horsemen’s Lab in Illinois, using a Business Reply Mail envelope provided. Horsemen’s Lab will forward samples to us in the UK at least once a week for testing. Results will be sent out to providers to report to you, together with worming advice when required.



The suggested retail price of the kit is $40. 

This includes the cost of the saliva collection kit, laboratory testing and all sample postage costs. Providers may charge postage at their discretion.


For a list of providers in the US, please click here.


If you are a veterinary practice or retailer interested in becoming a provider, please click here.