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Retailing EquiSal Tapeworm tests allows SQPs to offer a more complete worm control programme and worming advice to their customers which conveys a professional approach to prescribing anthelmintics. With the growing incidence of resistance in worms, it is increasingly important to promote routine testing, not routine worming to avoid the overuse of anthelmintics.  We recommend that EquiSal Tapeworm testing should be used every 6 months to enable a targeted worming approach to be undertaken for tapeworms. Austin Davis Biologics (ADB) can provide a service where the results are reported back to SQPs or veterinary practices to advise their customers, or alternatively ADB can report the results back directly to horse owners which may suit retailers who do not have an SQP. Laminated guideline sheets are provided to every new EquiSal stockist which describe guidelines for the sale of EquiSal kits and provide explanations for the reporting of results to customers. ADB circulates regular newsletters which include research updates, together with reminders of key guidelines. In addition, the team at ADB are available to answer email queries and can provide detailed scientific information and advice to support the retailer where necessary.

Westgate Laboratories have been a stockist of EquiSal Tapeworm since its launch in 2014. Claire Shand, Director of Marketing & Communications at Westgate Labs, tells us about their experience in providing the tapeworm testing service to their customers. “The innovative EquiSal test gives horse owners an easy, reliable and cost effective way to target tapeworm control in their worming programmes. It is a fantastic additional test to be able to offer to our customers, helping them to further reduce the need for unnecessary chemical treatments. We have found the EquiSal team to be accommodating, professional and efficient, enabling us to offer tapeworm testing as a seamless service to our customers alongside our own range of laboratory tests.”

Simon Wetherald (E-SQP) owner of tells us about his experience in stocking the tapeworm test kits. “EquiSal Tapeworm testing is an extremely helpful tool to aid in the overall worming and testing strategy when advising clients of suitable management systems for their horses. When used in conjunction with the expert advice SQPS can give, with regard to the interpretation of results and consequent treatment plans, they play a major part in the reduction of unneeded use of anthelmintics.”

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